Signposts is inspired by our desire to be a church that cares for the deaf community.

Swan Bank’s aim is to make two worship events a month accessible to the deaf community through the provision of a sign-language interpreter. Louise, a member of the church and also a support worker in local schools for deaf children, leads this exciting initiative.

Louise and some of the signing team thought it would be a good idea to introduce basic signing to our children. Familiarising our children with signing is a great way to raise the awareness of people with special physical needs. We believe it will also prove to be a great resource for worship. Hence the birth of Signposts.

Signposts combines sign language and dance. Meeting on Tuesday evenings from 6-7pm, Signposts is specifically geared for children 7-11yrs. Each week they learn and rehearse new signs and dances, then approximately once a month they demonstrate what they have learned in one of our larger worship venues.

Tel: 01782 575129