Sports Camp

This is the week we all look forward to throughout the school year. It is the week when the young volunteers step into action and the tweenagers (those aged 9-11) let their hair down. Sports Camp is a week long holiday club. People are so excited about Sports Camp that they book in months before it’s even advertised and it’s always full.

This is a dynamic, active, hilarious, exhausting, and life changing week. Doors open to Sports Camp at 10am on the Monday 30th July in the school summer holidays and when the youngsters leave on Friday 3rd August at 5pm they are, despite the need for sleep, keen to return. This really is a non-stop week with team games, craft, every sport you can think of, time to stop recover and reflect, day trips out, engagement with local emergency services, creative workshops and the traditional water fights. It’s not one to be missed.

You ask any of the youngsters involved and the guests that come and they will tell you: Sports Camp is the best! It’s through this week that many young people make new friends, friendships which will last for a lifetime. We are convinced memories of Sports Camp will stay with those that come for ever.