Each Sunday our Swanbank Kids welcomes over 100 children, which makes for a loud and exciting time. Our focus is teaching who Jesus is, what He said, and what it means to follow Him. Each group is taught in a safe, warm, age-appropriate and fun environment. This often involves things like glue, glitter, water, sand, footballs and basically anything messy!

Swanbank Kids begins around 11am. Children are with their parents for the first half hour of the 10:30 worship event.  Then they are led to their respective places by their group leaders.

Swanbank Kids is co-ordinated and overseen by Rachel Barnett (who also is a professional child minder) who has many years of experience working with children and young people. Rachel and her team are always willing to answer questions and help you find the right place for your child.

Our creche is designed to allow you to leave your child with our capable staff so that you can fully engage in the worship time worry-free. However, if you would prefer to keep them with you, then we have a convenient place for you to sit with them and participate in worship via our video relay. All you have to do is ask and someone will gladly direct you.


Our Groups for Swanbank are:

0-2  Twinkling Stars 
Led by Shirley Brooks

3-6  Little Stars Led by Jade Rushton

7-8  Shining Stars Led by Paula Timmis and Catherine Hassell

9-11  Shooting Stars Led by Sylvina Johnson

12-14  Super Stars Led by Ali Johnson

For more information on any of these groups please contact our Children’s worker, Alice Mashanga, via the Church office.