Greetings from Sicily!

by | Jul 24, 2016 | Mediterranean Hope |

Hello from sunny Scicli!

Starting off with a typically British apology, we are sorry for the delay in posting this week’s blog. It’s been a busy week with lots to get to grips with (including the wifi required to post this!!), but we hope to keep the updates coming more regularly from now on.

We arrived safely here on Sunday afternoon, despite the early morning start and stressful airport security, to the beautiful town that has become our new home for the next six weeks.

After a brief introduction to the project, we were shown to our apartment, shared with other female volunteers. We were very fortunate to be living with a lovely American lady for our first week here, named Carla, who could show us the ropes with no language barrier! She left yesterday, but has been such a blessing as we’ve been settling in.

We have been really inspired by the project, especially the family atmosphere amongst everyone involved. They have taken good care of us, and there are a number of people who speak some English. Having said that, it is slightly different to how we had imagined it, namely the fact that the house itself is for boys aged 14-17, rather than the whole variety of people we were expecting. As two young girls, our arrival has caused a bit of a stir!! It’s been encouraging to get to know some of the boys even in these first few days, including teaching English informally, playing table tennis, and eating together. We have also shadowed some English lessons, with a view to taking over the running of them next week as current volunteers move on.

We have also found time for a bit of exploring. Scicli is beautiful and there are some great places to view the town, since it is in a valley. One of our highlights, though slightly unconventional, was a very ornate cemetery, much nicer than it sounds! We made friends with some cats (and also unsolicited friendships with mosquitoes!) It’s so different to anything we would see at home, and a surprisingly pleasant and relaxing place to be.

The town itself is very typically Italian, with a mosaic of roofs and balconies and picturesque narrow streets. The photos below will do a much better job of describing than we can!

The food here is great, from fresh pasta to gelato to coffee (for Lucy!) and juice (for Charlotte!), but our favourite so far has been the GIANT watermelon which will be feeding us for weeks! The typical Sicilian breakfast, granita, has also been a hit – it’s basically an excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast, which we have taken up with much joy!

We’ll check back in with you in a few days’ time, but in the meantime we’re off to flood the balcony with watermelon juice (our faces have a permanent tinge of pink – and not just from the sun!)

Bye for now, Lucy and Charlotte x

(P.S. We would like to reassure you that we have not gone crazy, and the cats are genuinely really cute and the watermelon really fab!)