IMG_0859Rev Ashley Cooper  | 
Senior Pastor
Ashley is the Senior Leader at Swan Bank. He joined the staff in September 2007. He and his wife, Moira, have two children, Joel and Holly. Ashley loves God, people, and his family. He has an addiction to coffee and Port Vale FC. (The staff is working to get him in recovery on both counts.)




IMG_0861Amy Wyatt  |  Assistant Pastor
Amy has been with the church staff since 2000. She and her husband, Steve, have a beautiful (very intelligent) four year old daughter named Izzie. Amy loves people. (She is the extreme extrovert of the staff.) If you want to get on her good side talk positively about God, aerobics, or give her Galaxy Ripples.




IMG_0881Ali Johnson  |  Youth Pastor
Ali joined the team in 2010 and works with young people of high school age and up. Since joining us he has become established as the office techy and tea boy. He loves all things social media, so is invovled in a number of online projects, and is just as likely to tweet you as talk to you.





IMG_0863Glynis Cooper  |  Church Administrator
Glynis has many administrative responsibilities, not the least of which is managing the church office, overseeing the finances, and keeping Ashley’s calendar. She was a corporate manager prior to joining the Swan Bank team. Glynis is a warm and caring person, who we are relatively certain would marry Harrison Ford should he become available.




IMG_0907Rob Kellet  |  Pastoral Worker
Rob has been on the staff for three and a half years and is in charge of our pastoral care team for the whole church. Rob and his wife Raynor have one son Stephen. Rob loves cricket and Marmite.






IMG_0889Julie Twemlowe   |  Specific Needs Pastor 
Julie has been on staff at Swan Bank for 7 years. Her role consists of working alongside people with specific needs. Julie can be heard before she can be seen by her laughter. She has a husband called Michael and two children.






IMG_0867Paula Timmis   |  Chapel Keeper 
Paula has been with the Swan Bank team for 16 years. Her role within the team is to welcome users of the building and generally keep on eye on what’s going on around the building.  Paula is married to Glyn and has 3 children Rebecca, Ryan and Rohan





IMG_0852 Stewart Chapman  |  Property Team