Our Team

Ashley Cooper

Senior Pastor 

Ashley is currently Superintendent Minister at SwanBank. He has served here for 9 years developing a strong team. He also serves on the exec of ECG a national conference resourcing the wider church. Currently he is developing a new network of leaders under the theme ‘Navigating Change’.

Amy Wyatt

Associate Pastor | Children and Families 
Amy has been with the church staff since 2000. She and her husband, Steve, have a beautiful (very intelligent) four year old daughter named Izzie. Amy loves people. (She is the extreme extrovert of the staff.) If you want to get on her good side talk positively about God, aerobics, or give her Galaxy Ripples.

Ali Johnson

Associate Pastor | 18-30s 
Ali joined the team in 2010 and works with young people of high school age and up. Since joining us he has become established as the office techy and tea boy. He loves all things social media, so is invovled in a number of online projects, and is just as likely to tweet you as talk to you.

James Adams

Associate Pastor | Worship
James has been with at Swanbank since 2014, joining us from Woodcrest Church in Columbia, Missouri. His role within the team is to oversee Worship and also manage HR. James loves all things music (especially Metallica), watching Rugby (Sale Sharks) and laughing with his family.

Ling Yu Ji

Probationer Minister | Home Groups
Ling Yu has been at Swanbank since 2014, joining us from Wesley Study Center, St John’s College, University of Durham. Her role with the team is to oversee the development of Home Groups.

Glynis Cooper

Church Administrator 
Glynis has many administrative responsibilities, not the least of which is manning the church office, helping the finances, and keeping Ashley’s calendar. She was a corporate manager prior to joining the Swan Bank team. Glynis is a warm and caring person, who we are relatively certain would marry Harrison Ford should he become available.

Rob Kellet

Pastoral Worker 
Rob has been on the staff for three and a half years and is in charge of our pastoral care team for the whole church. Rob and his wife Raynor have one son Stephen. Rob loves cricket and Marmite.

Julie Twemlowe

Specific Needs Pastor 
Julie has been on staff at Swan Bank for 7 years. Her role consists of working alongside people with specific needs. Julie can be heard before she can be seen by her laughter. She has a husband called Michael and two children.

Sam Taylor

Ministry Intern
Sam Taylor has been at Swanbank since 2015, joining us from Cliff College. His role within the team is oversee the youth work in Swanbank and also in the Kidsgrove Churches we partner with. He loves football and food, enough said.

Emily Adams

Burslem Bookroom Community Co-ordinator 
Emily has been on staff since 2015 and is passionate about creative community engagement. When not at Burslem Book Room you can find her working for her theatre company or chasing after her rather exuberant toddler.