In the busy and chaotic times in which we live and work we can easily be distracted from God. Prayer and Praise in our monthly evening set aside to give opportunity for the church family to step away from the chaos and turn our attention to heaven.
Weather you are familiar with a praying community or never prayed yourself this is an easy place to come and find space to reflect, listen, offer prayers of thanksgiving and prayer requests.  Prayer and Praise is a creative night in which we set out prayer stations to help us focus our thoghts and prayers. For example last month we set up at washing line and invited people to write prayers of thanks giving and pin them to the line. If this creative space isn’t for you and you would rather sit on your own for this time that is perfectly fine too.
Why not come and join us on the last friday of the month, 7.30-9pm and take some time away to turn your ear to God.