Shiao! Hellooo! How are you?!’

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This week we have had more than our fair share of goodbyes as we mentioned were coming up in last week’s blog. We have not only had to say the expected goodbyes to our fellow volunteers but we have also had two boys transfer, one of whom was particularly special to me. We both had a really good relationship with him that was formed right from the start of our time here. You may remember in our first blog after we arrived ‘Greetings from Scicli’ we mentioned how we had begun teaching a bit of informal English- this was with him. Always wanting to know more, ‘in English?’ being one of his many catch phrases. So as you can imagine being told he was leaving so soon hit us quite hard and saying goodbye was really hard- knowing that we will most likely never see him again. But we do know that he has gone to a good centre and that another boy who recently left Scicli (see ‘Woah! We’re half way there!) is living there and we know will be a good support for him.

To celebrate the time we had with him and as a way to remember him I decided to write a poem with memories of him including some of his wonderful catchphrases and thought I would share this with you.

Just over a month I have known you,
But it broke my heart to see you go.
Everything you owned in just two bags,
Waving goodbye to all the staff.
Tears streaming from under your glasses,
You firmly shook hands with your ‘new mum and dad’.
We called out ‘shiao!’ just as you would,
And you raised your hand just as Obama should.

Barack Obama

You were always so friendly and kind,
Like when you left that bracelet aside.
Carefully created with wooden beads,
And on my next shift tied with such ease.
You were also so willing to help,
Offering your fingers, toes and even your mouth.
You joyfully cried ‘no mushkilar!’ when I thanked you,
And simply said ‘no thank you for being you.’

Barack Obama

That strange growling noise would come as a surprise,
With sincerity followed by laughter in your eyes.
We insisted it was a strange thing to do,
Closely followed by those kisses you blew.
But your kind and loving nature meant you could never be vicious,
Even if you wanted to your smile was contagious.
These things are all what makes you you,
Calling out ‘Shiao! Hellooo! How are you?!’

Barack Obama

Silly things you used to do,
Will always always remind me of you.
A smiling boy with a heart wrenching tale,
Never ever wanting to fail.
Your passion for learning has inspired me,
You’ve come so far since we learnt Ayye to Zee.
Your catch phrases and cheeky smile you would do,
Especially ‘Hellooo Scicli! How are you?!’

I will always remember you my special friend,
You have truly been a godsend.
You have helped me throughout my time here,
So cool calm and collected even in fear.
I wish you well in your new place,
And in whatever on this journey you may face.
My special friend, I will always remember you,
With your smile, calling out ‘Shiao! Hellooo! How are you?!’

Charlotte x

*** Since writing this, we have since said goodbye to 6 more boys some of whom who were particularly good friends***

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