Woah! We’re half way there!

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Mediterranean Hope |

This weekend we celebrated our milestone of being half way through our time here. It’s strange to think we have been here 3 weeks already but the thought of 3 more weeks to come can seem both short and daunting at times.

We made a weekend out of the celebrations because why not?!! On Saturday evening after our shifts at the centre we went out for a pizza date on the steps in the main square. It was lovely to be able to have a bit of time together and to experience the town really coming to life without worrying about having to be at the centre the next morning. On Sunday (our day off) we caught the bus to Modica- a nearby town more popular with tourists than Scicli. We were hoping for a bit of an Italian detox so we were glad to hear some English being spoken by tourists in the town! We didn’t really have a set idea of what to do in Modica- we knew it was famous for chocolate and balsamic vinegar so made that our mission along with just a general exploration which we have gotten good at since arriving here in Scicli. We found multiple chocolate shops and gave their free samples all we’d got before moving on to the next one and doing it all again! By the end of our day out we were full of chocolate, longing for vegetables! It was a lovely day out- being able to chat, explore, read and be in each other’s company which doesn’t happen too much due to our opposite shifts throughout the week.

I think this, our halfway point, is a good time to reflect on what has happened throughout our time here so far before too much changes and the first half of this experience becomes a distant memory.

  • People- At the start of our time here we were lucky to be living with Carla from the USA who showed us the ropes. We have had two Italian girls- Antonia and Beatrice living and working with us since the end of July which has been very helpful for translation purposes! We have also met with Leonardo this month, another volunteer and a good addition to our little ‘volunteer team’.
  • Boys- We have got to know the boys over the past 3 weeks and have built relationships with most of them in different ways. New boys have come into the centre over the 3 weeks we have been here, and about a week and a half ago we welcomed a young pregnant girl who had recently arrived on a migrant boat. There is also talk of a group of girls coming to the centre soon but we don’t know when, how many or anything about it at all! We have also said goodbye to the first boy we properly got to know this week as he moved on to another centre which hopefully will be his next step to a new life. He will be missed by us, the other boys and staff but this is the nature of the centre.

Thank you for following this amazing journey the past 4 weeks (from our meeting each other, through our training, our arrival here in Scicli and some of our bizarre adventures).

Here’s to the next 3 weeks of this adventure!