We are proud to say we work in partnership with the internationally known ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ scheme.

2 years ago some Swan Bank volunteers got together and started to dream about providing opportunity for young poeple in the local area to access the big outdoors and to learn the art of survival outside of urban culture. Mat Nixon heads up this arm of the church and has succesfully seen many young people complete their bronze awards, and many go on to complete their silver award.

‘Duke of Edinburgh’ is a seasonal ministry in the life of the church simply because walking up the Snowdonian mountain ranges in the snow isn’t the most appealing, no matter how wooly your socks and how thick your sleeping bag is. The scheme is specifically for young people aged 16-25yrs and has become a challenge our young people are only to happy to accept. ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ qualifications require participants to complete acts of service, learn new skills, and sucessfully complete expedictions. The church family have waved many young people off our church car park to go and brave the elements on expeditions and we’ve seen all return. The young people have painted local schools as part of their service, volunteered to revive local gardens and do some spectacular presentations. This really is a worthwhile scheme in which to participate. For more information contact Mat Nixon through the church office.