You can never have enough good excuses for not doing your homework.  Here’s an amazing one for Tuesday nights.

Gateway is a laid-back space to hang out with people your age, do cool stuff, and ask tough questions about who you are, why you are here, and what God has to do with everything.  It’s a time to just be you.

Gateway is led by Sam Taylor and supported by a vibrant and young team. The nature of the leadership team means cell is always cutting edge, relevant to its age and serious without being boring.

Gateway also ensures that there is always space on the plan for socials. The favourite hang out for the group is going out bowling or pizza hut.

So if you are needing to get away from the adults, wanting to ask some real questions, wanting to be heard, or simply out to meet new people then Gateway is the place for you.

Gateway starts at 7.30pm with food and finishes at 9.15pm, every Tuesday.

Do not miss this!