Lent & Holy Week

Lent at SwanBank

Lent is an important time in the Christian calendar, through the history of the church it has been a time of reflection and self-discipline as we journey to the cross together. We’ve got some great resources lined up to help you invest in your relationship with God through this Lent season.

Holy Week Services


We have opportunities to you to engage in and experience the drama of Holy Week. 

The Week That Changed The World

The Week That Changed The World

At the 9am and 10.30am services we’ll be taking a deep dive into the events of Holy Week, trying to immerse ourselves in the story so that we can be transformed by it once again.

The Week That Changed The World

Finding Hope

We know that we are living in times where lots of things feel broken and messy, and so in our evening services we want to explore how the message of the gospel gives up hope in the midst of some of the areas that we know are challenging for people at the moment; loss, relationships, mental health, self-worth and loneliness.

The Week That Changed The World

Easter in the Old Testament

In our small groups we’ll be picking up some of the words of prophecy from the Old Testament that point us towards the events of Holy Week, these will be great resources that help us understand the Easter story as part of the big picture of God’s story.

The Week That Changed The World

Lent Bible Studies

Every Wednesday we’ll be gathering together for a Bible Study based around… This is a great opportunity for some good fellowship and great teaching each week through Lent.

The Week That Changed The World

Take Time

If you’re looking for something a little different then these Take Time videos might be the thing for you. These are weekly reflections to help you meditate on scripture and focus in on this season of the church calendar.