The Mothertown Passion

One of the greatest stories ever told is coming to Burslem this Good Friday. 

The story of the passion is a story of hope, renewal, and revival. Over the past few years many cities have held Passion Plays in their city centres; Manchester, Liverpool, London and many more. In 2018 we would love to add Burslem to this prestigious list.

Combining live performances, striking visuals, and live music from Burslem’s own Robbie Williams, The Mothertown Passion utilises the new space in the heart of Burslem to bring to life Jesus’ last days.

The audience will be be taken on an emotional journey, all performed live on three stages outside Heywood Sixth Form, even becoming part of the re-enactment of this incredible story.

Burselm will form the backdrop to this iconic piece of history and the story of our Mothertown will be woven into the narrative.

The event will show how the message of second chances, forgiveness, and new opportunities has the potential to speak life and hope into this community that so often struggles with poverty, crime, addiction or hopelessness.

We want the whole community to come together as we celebrate the amazing place of Burslem and the amazing future it has.


Outside the town hall using three stages and involving full sound, screen and lighting.


Starting at 6.30pm on Good Friday and running until no later than 8.30pm

Event Details


March 30, 2018

7:30 pm – 8:30 pm